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Desserts/ No added sugar/ Vegan

Raw Chocolate with Salted Almonds, Coconut & Tahini

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Or rather who doesn’t love chocolate? I made this chocolate as a special treat for St Valentine’s Day and by sharing this recipe I would like to prove that a homemade chocolate is not as difficult to make and results are delicious(!). You can easily customize it, by adding your favourite fruits, nuts, seeds or anything else you fancy (pinch of chilli, coffee beans, shot of whiskey – why not?). Make it with love and share it with love! Continue Reading…

Breakfast & Brunch/ Desserts/ No added sugar/ Vegan

Green Pancakes

As we are eating pancakes on a regular basis, we’ve started to add green leafy vegetables (as spinach or kale) and sometimes herbs (fresh basil, coriander or parsley) to the pancake batter. As a result, you not only preparing and eating something what is delicious, but most importantly the food which provides a serving of green veggies and has a nutritional value (and you don’t fill guilty when reaching for a second or third! portion). At this moment these are our favourite pancakes and I love the colour, topped with fresh fruits it just looks lovely on a plate. Continue Reading…

Desserts/ Diary-free/ Vegan

Baked Peaches

Peaches season has been already full on, hence we are ‘bringing’ you on the plate Baked Peaches. This is probably one of the quickest and easiest dessert recipes. This recipe is very handy – firstly in season, when there is an abundance of fresh and ripe peaches available, grown locally and at a very good price. Secondly, if you are cooking a three course meal for a family or have a dinner party. Continue Reading…

Desserts/ Gluten-free/ Nut-free

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is a real treat. We usually make it for special occasions or when having friends over for a dinner. The flavor is very deep and dense, each mouthful delivers the essence of chocolate. One small slice should satisfy anyone’s sugar cravings and combined with fresh berries and our Tahini & Date sauce, it makes a complete and indulgent dessert. Continue Reading…

Breakfast & Brunch/ Desserts

Blueberry & Goats Cheese Sourdough Pancakes

I haven’t lied saying that we have pancakes every weekend for breakfast, and yes sometimes even during the week. On those rainy and grey mornings we had in England it really brightened up the day. However regardless the weather they always taste good, and with a first mouthful you know that they were worth the effort. This recipe was born when I bought a goats cheese with blueberries. I was tempted by the look of the cheese, which turned to be a bit disappointing. You couldn’t taste much neither goats cheese nor blueberries…and as I don’t like to waste the food, I came with the idea of putting it into pancakes batter. When we did them first time they turned up pretty good. Second time I added fresh blueberries and plain goats cheese and they were delicious. Continue Reading…